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Reply for failed step for Jobchain of CCMS job not working

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Hi All,

We had imported CCMS jobs from R/3.The CCMS Job consists of 5 steps in it.Job Chain was created for these 5 steps in Redwood after importing the Job.We had configured additional step 6 to raise Operatro message if any of steps from 1-5 fail.

Issue Operator Message is raised but we are not able to restart the failed step(we are able to restart the entire chain again)


If Job chain failed at step 2 and if reply the operator message to restart step2. New Operator message is again raised and step2 is not restarted in r/3 target system.

Request your help on this.

We are in M28.21-37852



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There is another simple of aceiving the same.

when the job chain failes resubmit the job by right clicking the errores job chain

in the 2nd screen there is filed start at the drop down selection will list all the steps of the job chain.

you selec the step from where you want to restart the chain and it will skip the first ones and start from where

you restarted the job.

I am not not sure what you were trying to accomplish by using operator message but this will work

only drawback is you have to login to the redwood gui to do it

but in process server you can use other interfaces like SMS.