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replication server create route

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when I have create route at RS, I accept an error at the destination RS:

E. 2016/06/20 11:06:49. ERROR #50 DSI EXEC(101(1) PRODREPS.CMLH_RS_RSSD) - \routing.c(2812)

    'rs_routeversions' system table is corrupt.

I. 2016/06/20 11:06:49. The DSI thread for database 'PRODREPS.CMLH_RS_RSSD' is shutdown.

and,what cause this problem?

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Thanks for you answer.

When I execute the command 'create route', I accept the error that "Replication server 'RS(destination repserver)' unknown", so I insert one record into the rs_sites and route is created. Whether or not this way is correct?

Thank you.

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So you tried to create a route and it gave the error that the destination server was unknown,

then you inserted a row in rs_sites,

and then you got the error rs_routeversions is corrupt ?

I've done quite some updates on system tables, mostly ASE, but in this case, I don't think I would risk it. When you create a route, queues need to be setup that take care of the communication between the servers, etc. Updating system tables is always risky and shouldn't be necessary. I don't think that create route is only doing an insert in rs_sites.

So if what I wrote above is what happened, I'm quite sure that the manually insert caused the corruption message.

Any idea why your create route command failed ? Was there a spelling error in the servername ? Did the destination repserver exist in the interfaces file of the original repserver ?

Best is to find the reason why that command failed, undo the updates that you did in the rssd_db and only do this when instructed by tech support.


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Creating a route requires materializing about a dozen subscriptions at the destination RSSD (so that select contents of rs_* tables are replicated from the source RSSD to the destination RSSD).

Manually adding a couple rows to some rs_tables does not constitute setting up a route.

Better yet ... are you able to replicate anything over your new 'route'?  At the destination repserver, are you able to subscribe to a repdef created at the source repserver? [I highly doubt you have a functioning route at this point.]

As Luc's mentioned, you need to undo your manual edits (these *can* cause repserver to generate 'rs_* is corrupt' messages), and resolve/fix the issue with your 'create route' command.

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Well said Mark and Luc

Bottom line is that we can tweak the underlying system tables/catalog with extreme caution and only when we know what are doing and its implications.


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