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Replication of selective fields from SQL Server table to HANA system

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Hi All,

We are trying to replicate table from SQL Server to Hana. We are getting error on the field with more than 2000 char length, when we trying to replicate the table in SLT server (stand alone).

We have done the removing the fields which has more than 2000 chars with type STRING using tcode IUUC_REPL_CONTENT.

We are still getting the below error:

Cannot replicate data from field LAST_POE_MSG_DEQ (table CX_ACCNT_MRG_ITEM); see long text



Field LAST_POE_MSG_DEQ exceeds 1333 characters. If the length of a field exceeds 1333 characters, SAP LT Replication Server will change the type of the field to STRING. SAP LT Replication Server uses Open SQL to calculate the access plan, but Open SQL does not support the type STRING. This means that SAP LT Replication Server cannot replicate data from this field (as the access plan cannot be calculated).

For this we have removed the LAST_POE_MSG_DEQ fields from CX_ACCNT_MRG_ITEM using IUUC_REPL_CONTENT tcode.

Please let me know if we have any other solution,

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Hello Harish,

This issue seems to be the one mentioned in KBA 2708178 - Cannot replicate data from a CHAR field longer than 1333 characters - SLT. I recommend reading through this KBA to see if this resolves the issue.

Best Regards,


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