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Replace SAP Icons in SAP Cloud Platform Portal Service Launchpad with Custom Icons

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Hello Portal Service Launchpad Experts,

due to a Corporate Design / Corporate Identity policy I'm requested to replace the SAP standard Icons used in the FLP in SAP CP Portal Service with custom icons. To better illustrate have a look at the following screenshot. It shows the SAP standard Icons used in the "Me Area" like the house, spyglass, cog, wrench, info:

By creating SAP Fiori Launchpad Plugin for custom icons I was able to get the following result:

You can see that the home, user, left arrow and app-finder icons where replaced. But as the other buttons do not exist at the time when the code of my launchpad plugin is called the settings, manage website and about icons are still the same.

The requirement is also to replace the icons used in Applications created using Fiori Elements. There is i.e. an up arrow and a pin:

This should also be replaced to have a coherent CI/CD throughout all corporate web assets.

Best regards

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Hi Gregor,

After talking with several colleagues, it seems like there is no straight forward way to achive this...(sorry).

Thanks uwe.klinger and thilo.seidel.