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Rep agent scanner for each replicated database

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Dears, kindly help in this issue:

We have WS pair primary db1 and standby db2 it is managed by repserver1

And MSA managed by rep server2 and its source is WS logical connection and its supscription is db3

If db2 is sync with db1, but db3 is out of sync and want to reynce it with db1 , for performance issue and to not affect db2 , is it better to use multiple scanner for primary db1 rep agent, if yes, is there any docs for similar issue


Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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The number of (repagent) scanners has nothing to do with database resync operations. Increasing the number of scanners is primarily a performance related configuration when running a multithreaded repagent which in turn is used in a multipath replication environment (eg, each repagent thread sends transactions to a different repserver connection).

In your scenario all transactions are sent to a single repserver (repserver1); from here the transactions are sent to two targets ... db2 (WS/replicate) and db3 (MSA/target).

You are not using mutlipath replication and thus enabling multiple scanners is not going to do you any good.


If you were to replicate directly out of db1 to both db2 (WS/replicate) and db3 (MSA/target) then you could a) enable multithreaded repagent support, b) enable multiple scanners and c) send transactions directly out of db1 to both db2 and db3; but this opens up a whole new area (MPR: MultiPath Replication) which is likely overkill for your environment (and would require more $$$$ for the additional licensing option to enable MPR).

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