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Renaming of files by MDM Server (MDM 5.5 SP4)

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Hi Experts,

I am checking the MDM Server Logs and found that there is always renaming of files happening from ".tmp" to ".xml" as shown below:

7560 2011/09/13 15:39:16.773 GMT SyndicateToPortImpl: rename files (0) "C:\PROGRA1\SAPMDM1.5\Server\Distributions\MR4_ORCL\BP US FUELS CUSTOMER MASTER_PRD\Outbound\SCDB_BP\Modify_BP_SCDB\Ready\Data_110913-153916_000.tmp"


"C:\PROGRA1\SAPMDM1.5\Server\Distributions\MR4_ORCL\BP US FUELS CUSTOMER MASTER_PRD\Outbound\SCDB_BP\Modify_BP_SCDB\Ready\Data_110913-153916_000.xml".

Can someone tell me why this renaming of files is happening?


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This should be happening to avoid incomplete files getting picked up by tools from the Ready folder.

So until the file is completely transferred into Ready folder, it gets created as .tmp and then it gets converted to .xml once the file is completely copied.

Same thing you can see when you archive a repository. The .a2a extension is different if the Archive operation aborts.

As per SAP MDM 7.1 Console reference guide , this is recommended to avoid issues with incomplete files. But in your case of MDM 5.5, if you say that you have not implemented this logic manually and it is happening automatically then it is good for you.

SAP MDM Console Reference Guide - Page 272.



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Very informative Shambhu!