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Rename UWL-Tabs

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i'd like to rename some uwl-tabs, for example "Alerts". Do you know where i can find and change the corresponding resource-files?

Thanks in advance!

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Hi Alexander,

the UWL tabs are defined in the following UWL configuration file:


You find the UWL configuration files under => System Adminsistration => System Configuration => Universal Worklist & Workflow => Universal Worklist Administration. Click the link "click to Administrate Item Types and View Definitions".

The UWL navigation structure (mainly the tabs) are defined in <NavigationNode>tags. The attribute "referenceBundle" defines the key which is used to load the right translation for the current language.

Basically, you have to write a new configuration file which will overwrite standard settings. In you custom configuration file you define your navigation structure as it is in standard.uwl. But you define new values for the reference bundle keys. For example "myNewKey".

Additionally, you have to provide the translations. You can do it in the same configuration file or seperate language files. If you want to do it in the same configuration file use the example provided below:

  <DescriptionBundle name="myNewKey" default="TEST_EN">
      <Description Language="en" Description="TEST_EN"/>
      <Description Language="de" Description="TEST_DE"/>
<NavigationNode name="alert2" view="AlertsView" referenceGroup="" visible="yes" keepItemCountUpdated="no" refereceBundle="myNewKey">

Finally, upload your new configuration file with high priority. Changes should be applied immediately. A portal restart is not required.

Best regards,


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Hi Martin,

that's exactly what i'm looking for!

Problem solved! 10 Points!

Thank you!

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Hi Martin,

Can you help me in displaying "custom attributes" in UWL iview. I followed the SAP help document and could not find the desired output. This is my part of configuration for that.


<CustomAttributeSource id="ABAP_BOR" objectIdHolder="externalObjectId" objectType="ZBUS2012" cacheValidity="final">

<Attribute name="ZTR3_CREATOR" type="string" displayName="Purchase Order Creator"/>

<Attribute name="ZFIGL_ValueOfGoodsRec" type="decimal" displayName="Total Price"/>

<Attribute name="Vendor" type="string" displayName="Vendor Number"/>



Please treat this as an urgent help and respond as soon as possible.

Thanks & Regards,


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