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Removing the compounding info objects

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Hi Experts,

I am having a problem with large master data tables in the production system. There are 2 custom info objects ZPCA_Doc and ZPCA_item for PCA document number & item number. ZPCA_DOC is compounded with doc_typ and ZPCA_Item is compounded with ZPCA_DOC info obejcts. The number of entries in the two info objects ZPCA_DOC and ZPCA_Item is growing everyday. The number of entries in the ZPCA_Item is nearing 20 million records. I think this is due to the compounding of the info objects. As this was developed few years back I am not sure why the compounding was done.

I need advice on:

Is it a good practice to compound the document number & document item info Objects?

Is it possible to remove the compounded info object on these info objects without deleting the infocube data?

Is there any other way to control the number of entries in these info objects?

Thanks in advance,


Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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It depends on requirements of queries. But, without compounding, if you have doc no and item no seperately in transactional data, then you will be able to report data as you wish.

My opinion is, if you have both of them in the infocube, then you can remove compounding. However, removing compounding object will require deletion of master data. you have to be careful


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Any more views/advice on this?

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