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Remove semicolon's in text output

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I'm trying to output the content of BUS2089 GETDETAILS TEXT (FM: BAPI_TRIP_GET_DETAILS) into an email in a workflow.

It looks like this when called from BAPI_TRIP_GET_DETAILS:


TEXT This expense report has to be billed to Jim Smith's cost center(~


When I output it in an email from a workflow with &TEXT.TEXTLINE[]& it looks like this:

This expense report has to be billed to Jim Smith's cost center(~; XYZ ).; ;

Any idea why it's adding the semicolon's and/or how to keep it from doing that?

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Answers (2)

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Check your method and see what output does it give.


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Dear David,

Either debug the method independently from SWO1 by passing the inputs. Or if you have inputs for this method in such a way that they can be tested only in runtime then make this method as foreground by enabling the dialog checkbox in SWO1 by double clicking the method. Now assign a agent for this step & place a break point in the method in SWO1. So once you double click the workitem the debugger will start & you will be able to guess what values are coming wrong.