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Remove entries in mcexecstate 1536

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HI All,

IDM 8, SP7

I am trying to remove pending role assignments.i tried to do that through cancellation of Approvals ids via uis_aprpoval. But teh role entry went to mcexecstate 1536. Now i have tried to remove these through UI. But the pending role assignment does not get removed.

Could you please suggest how to resolve this



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We have job configured for such cases.

It uses operators


for any entry with "broken" status. It usually helps. You just need to use it with correct attribute, should do the trick.

If you require handling such situations using only UI, i'm not sure it's possible.

In extreme cases you can always delete corrupt row from mxi_link table.

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Via UI it will only work if you use another field, say Z_TO_FIX_ASSIGNMENTS.

What comes to my mind is:

  • Fill the potential values (nothing is "assigned") of this field with all existing references MXREF_MX_PRIVILEGE / MXREF_MX_ROLE of the user you open the task with.
  • Ten select what you want to fix.
  • After sending a subtask handles the assignment accordingly. I probably would choose a ToIdentityStore pass with scripts in each row.
  • Also empty the attribute when all is done.
  • And remove the pending values, probabaly. I think ToGeneric is then the best.

I do such a thing to correct the system and only privileges via UI. For each of them I have a flag so I can set or remove as needed without having to use Eclipse. No real downsides in hundreds of executions. The first assignment date isn't visible in the entry data tab anymore, but I never cared.