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Remove authorization check in a FIORI app

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SAP allows to remove authorization check in transaction by using SU24. My client has done this in some transactions an now we are migrating to FIORI and we need to keep it consistent, so I need to remove some authorization checks in.

FIORI: App to approve purchase order


authorization object M_BEST_BSA

So they have removed this check in ME28 transaction, it was suggested by SAP in a support ticket since it created a conflict with other roles. This situation can give users authorization to modify PO's that they are not supposed to: i,e:

One user has authorization to create/modify STO (ME21N/ME22N) and authorization to approve PO's ZZ if they did not remove the check in ME28 they should give authorization to modify PO type ZZ and that was a risk

Is there any way to remove authorization checks in FIORI Apps??? is there any other solution available?

Thanks and regards.

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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I do not think there is any standard way to disable this check.

I would suggest you take the help of an ABAP Developer and debug the DPC_EXT class and identify the exact place wherever it is getting called and use either ABAP extention technique or Gateway extention technique to get around it.

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I got an answer from SAP with same comments.

Thansk for your help.

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