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Remote Role Assigment for federated portal

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I have two portal servers with 2004s SP9 and SP13. I have registered the producer(SP9) portal in the consumer(SP13).I can also see the data source(Producer portal) in the User administration but when i try to search the role it always says "no element found".

Should I need to set any additional permission in the role which i have created in the producer. It already have the user_admin with role assigner set.



Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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There could be several reasons ....have you checked this note to make sure your settings are fine

Note 880482

hope that helps..

Answers (1)

Answers (1)

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Hi Vijaya Saravanan

• Following might be the reason:

1. User should exist in both user store of Consumer and Producer portal otherwise it won’t work.

2. Incase if the registration is successful then there might be some problem with your servers (Consumer & Producer) clock timings.

3. ‘Remote Role Assignment’ may get fail perhaps because user to whom remote role assignment is done doesn’t have “End User” role assigned to him/her at Producer Portal. End-user permission enables business users to run content at runtime. Just as end users require end-user permission to run local content on your portal, they also need end-user permission for local content originating from a remote producer.

4. You should have Owner permission in the objects to which you want to assign permissions otherwise ‘Remote Role Assignment’ wont work.

5. In the portal content studio, open the producer under 'NetWeaver content producers'. If it does not contain folders in it, the registration is considered to be unsuccessful even though it stated it was successful while registration.

6. During the process of Registering (Adding) Producer Portal, while entering the connection parameters of the NetWeaver producer portal use appropriate Host name against “Host Name” input field instead of IP address. Perhaps this might create some problem during execution in later stage.

e.g. Host Name: use “saptcs02” instead of

7. Also go through the following URLs (w.r.t Permissions):






Points pls if you find it useful...

Thanks and Regards,