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Remote link EP -> FES

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Hello Community,

we run an EP 7.31/SP17 and try to consume remote Content provided by a Fiori-Frontend service.

all I receive in Portal's Content Studio is "no content found":

the URL collecting the Frontent Catalogue delivers XML like this:

I cannot judge whether this is a valid response from Frontendserver. Is there somewhere a valid sample to use as reference ?

thank you in advance.


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Answers (2)

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Hi Karl-Heinz Gruner,

I'm facing a similar issue that you had reported.

Were you able to fix your problem?



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Hi Karl

For accessing the remote catalogs the user must have authorization to FES.

Can you please check if the system landscape and destination configured properly? If everything is correct then maybe the user has no authorization to FES. Kindly check and provide the required authorizations.

Also you can refer to the following SCN document and the Note :

2031108 - SAP Fiori Integration with SAP Enterprise Portal - Central note


Santarshi Samanta

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Hi Santarshi,

thanks a lot for you answer.

We checked in the meanwhile several things.

On portal side, Frontendservices (FES) is defined as http-system. This is indicated in the Note you referred. SLD is therefor not linked/maintained. This was verified by "ping destination" - successful, reports result 200 and mimetype. the login mechanic is set to logon ticket afterwards.

Secondly,while navigating to FIORI Launchpad, a comprehensive list of applications gets listed in the tile catalog. This is received in using identical browser session (steps performed in this session Portal Content Mgmnt, Catalog Query, and Lauchpad) .

Do we have to

- assign the catalogs to special authorizations for publishing via catalog service (on FES)

- assign additional authorization(s).

Please advise, thank you for your assistance  in advance,


Karl-Heinz Gruner