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Remote info cube

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Hi all

Can anybody explain the steps in creating remote cubes...assigning datasources to it etc. I need to create one using a LIS structure. If anybody can direct me to any documentation that would be nice too.


Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Hi Surya,

1 Create a SAP RemoteCube based on an InfoSource

(optional: source system unique)

2 Define Queries

3 Create Source System IDs (InfoObject 0SOURSYSTEM)

4 Assign Source Systems to InfoSource

5 Maintain Transfer Rules

6 Assign Source System ID(s) to SAP RemoteCube.

Also keep in mind the limitations:

Only implemented for transaction data;

(For master data, texts, and hierarchies only replication)

Small volume of data;

Few end users;

Additional requirements for the extractors

(Selective for the most important characteristics)

(Full ranges support (SIGNs: I, E; Options: EQ, NE, BT, NB, CP, NP, ...))

(Preaggregation (if appropriate))

No Use of Customer Exit in SAPI (RS0001)


now I send you by mail a useful document.

Hope it helps,



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Hi Roberto,

I too need to create a Remote Cube that query on POSDM data. Dta is everytime being stored in POSDM. Remote Cube is based on InfoSource (3.5 technology).

Can you give me a step by step, how to do it to my mail ID

It will be highly appreciated & rewarded with poinths.

Thanks in Advance.


Answers (2)

Answers (2)

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Hi guys

Thanq very much.



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When creating Remote Cubes you must indicate an InfoSource, so before proceed in such a direction. Then once you definided you InfoSource, with the corresponding DS in OLTP sys create a you Remote IC with specified InfoSource.

Hope it helps