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Remote debugging using Netweaver

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We are developing services for the Application server. It is quite essential that we are able to bebug the run time of the app server. This is possible using the Netweaver but I am not sure how. I tried it a few times and cannot quite get there. Is there a document available about setting up the remote debugging?



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it should be possible to do Debugging in Netweaver studio, as I was personally testing it and was profen wrong several times I thought it doesn't work. This is, of course, depending on your version, as we're still in beta.

1.First you should change to the debugging perspective. In older versions you need to open also the J2EE Engine view (Window->Show View->Other.../ Dort in der J2EE Gruppe).

2.Now you go to this view (usually a window on the bottom). There you can see the active instance of the running server with all running parts showing green lights. If you double click the windows header it opens this view full screen and you can see also every services properties.

3. Usually the servers debug mode is in "OFF" mode. You now can left-click on the server and chose "enable debugging of process". This takes a while as the server may restart on this.

4. In the menubar, there is a little bug-icon button. Click that and the Debug Window opens. In the list chose the "J2EE Engine Debugging" and "New_Configuration".

5. Now you can see the "Connect" tab, that is necessary to do any kind of remote debugging. Most inmportant, your server should be shown in the "Debug J2EE Server" dropdown. If this is not the case your server is not in beug mode! (As we did in step 3)

6. Now chose your Application and the JSP/ Servlet you want to debug.

7. Press the "Debug" button. Now your remote process should start.

This is the general way. More to know about cluster debugging etc. But I hope this will soon coem up in docs



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Hi Manish,

You can either refer to the help topics that come with Netweaver installation. It is document really well. If it does not help you, please get back. There is also document somewhere which i can try to find it out. The help topic explains clearly how to do remote debuging with J2EE engine.

With Regards,

Lenin Kumar S.