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Release Strategy

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Hi everyone.

Iam facing a Problem in release Strategy of PO.We have a requirement like this.when we create a PO and Release the PO through ME29N,after that when u change the value (in change changes the net effective Price(ekpo-effwr) ) of PO in the Transaction ME22N,the released PO should get unreleased.

For this iam using the Enhancement M06E0004 (Function module EXIT (EXIT_SAPLEBND_002)).

In the Include ZXM06U22 iam checking for the ekpo-effwr .so when the Value changes in the Transaction ,it will be compared with the database value .If it is not equal iam Populating the E_cekko-uscr1 = 'ME22N'.In the customisation the Functional guys are using for the Release strategy.

<b>The Problem is this exit is working fine only for the first time after that it is not having efffect on the Release.</b>

If anyone of you guys have an answer please help us with that solution.

thank you



Following is the Code i have added in the Include ZXM06U22

data : wa_ekpo1 like ekpo ,

i_ekpo type standard table of ekpo,

wa_ekpo like ekpo ,

wa_cekko like cekko,

wa_cekkout like cekko.

i_ekpo = IT_BEKPO.

wa_cekko = I_CEKKO.

if ( sy-ucomm = 'MECHECKDOC' )

or ( sy-ucomm = 'MESAVE' ).

if ( sy-tcode = 'ME32K' )

or ( sy-tcode = 'ME22N' )

or ( sy-tcode = 'ME32L' )

or ( sy-tcode = 'ME32' )

or ( sy-tcode = 'ME22' ).

loop at i_ekpo into wa_ekpo .

select single * into wa_ekpo1 from ekpo

where ebeln = wa_ekpo-ebeln

and ebelp = wa_ekpo-ebelp.

if wa_ekpo-effwr <> wa_ekpo1-effwr.

wa_cekko-usrc1 = 'ME22N'.



clear wa_ekpo.




E_CEKKO = wa_cekko.

clear : wa_ekpo1,

i_ekpo ,

wa_ekpo ,

wa_cekko ,

wa_cekkout .

refresh i_ekpo.

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do you have send your problem to SAP OSS ? This could be a bug.