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RELEASE_DATA_PROVIDER problem - 'page cannot be displayed'

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We are having trouble using the 'RELEASE_DATA_PROVIDER'

command URL. The problem appears to be workstation

related, though we've not been able to figure out the

cause or a solution. On some machines, the command URL

works fine; on others, it results in a 'The page cannot be

displayed' error; the same error that shows up when you

attempt to navigate to a web site that doesn't exist (HTTP

404, I think).


var layoutURL = '<SAP_BW_URL>' +





'&CMD_1=ITEM%3DCHECKBOXES_1%26IOBJNM%3D' + struct1 +

'&CMD_2=ITEM%3DCHECKBOXES_2%26IOBJNM%3D' + struct2; (layoutURL);


One thing that we have noticed is that the URL in the

address bar of the new window is different on the machines

that work vs. those that don't.

Broken Machine:<b>









Working Machine:





















Any help you can provide would be greatly appreciated;

this issue is driving us nuts. I've tried to set a

breakpoint in the CL_RSR_WWW_VIEW class where the

'RELEASE_DATA_PROVIDER' command is processed, but I cannot

figure out how to get the code to stop there; it seems to

only execute that code when opening in a new window, so I

can't get it to run from RSRT2.


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What version of IE do you have on the broken machines?

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Both the broken and the working machines appear to

be running the same version of IE...


Update Versions: SP2

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OK. So, we've fixed the problem, without really

understanding why it is happening. After deleting the

cookies on the broken machines, the Command URL now works.

Any suggestion on why this might have caused the problem?

Or what we can do (code-wise) to prevent it in the future?