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relationship between entities

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Good day everybody,
I have a problem designing a chatbot.
I'd like to relate my custom entity "#article" to the gold entity "#volume".

For example,   potatoes - kilo 
or:            milk - liter.

Does anyone have a solution?

best regards

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Answers (2)

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Hello Rodrigo,

many thanks for your response!

The enrichments solved my problem.

Is it actually possible to assign variable values in memory manipulation?
or only fixed values?

For example:
Set memory field:

memory field x = memory field y

Best regards
Active Contributor

Glad, you solved the problem.

I also tried to do want you want a lot time ago but I couldn't I don't know if now is possible in the bot connector. I use a lot of webhook so I control a lot of the flow in the backend.

My advise everytime you call a webhook add your memory so you get all the memory in the backend and then you can change it or add something at will. Remember that if you return the memory you "OVERWRITE" the current memory in the bot. That's why you pass the memory to the webhook in the payload.

If you use webhook you can do that as a workaround.

Best Regards

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I believe you can´t golden entities are automatically detected, you can´t map a custom entity into a golden one.

I don't know why you need this... perhaps enrichment of entities can be a solution for you.

Best Regards