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Rejection reason cannot be edited in sap mdg

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Can anybody help me to resolve this problem, when i tried to reject a change request in sap master data governance, the reason to reject don´t appear.

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Hello Branda,

Rejection reasons are usually set as part of the approval or rejection process. Once assigned, they are not meant to be altered. This is by design to maintain data integrity and auditability within the system. The rejection reason serves as an important record of why a data change request was rejected, and changing it after the fact could potentially undermine the transparency and traceability of the data change process.


When a CR is send for revision or it is rejected, system shows a popup for new note to add the comments of the revision or rejection.

When the Change Request (USMD_CR_OVERVIEW) UIBB is collapsed, there is no way to pop-up the dialog to prompt for the note as that dialog is part of the Change Request (USMD_CR_OVERVIEW) UIBB.


Ensure the CR overview UIBB is not having collapsed check box selected for all your Overview page component configuration.

Please check the below link :