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Regarding wd abap table

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Hi all,

I am working on a wd abap component in which i have to populate a table in which each row has a different value which are fetched from database table.i want that in each row i want different values .like suppose my table has two coloumn and in first row of first coloumn i want to display the text "gender" and in the same row in second column i want to fetch a "value of gender" from database table.

similarly in second row of first coloumn i want to display a text " date of birth" and in the same row of second column i want to get its corresponding please tell me how to do itin detail that is how to bind for each and every row and how to get the particular values.

send me the code along with proper commenting which will be easy for me to understand.

thanking you all in advance.

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It is possible.

If u keep a nested node structure. Like

First node<parent node in context>

--->1st node under First node <bind this node to a column>

This node contains the header value


>2nd node under First node<bind this node to rest of the column in table>

This node contains table value.Which will be displayed in table.

I hope this will solve your problem.

Please have a look at this

This link may solve your doubt.



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1.Create a UI Element(Table) in your view.

2. Create a Context node and required attributes.

make the cardinality of context node is 0..n

3. Go to DOINIT( ) method then fetch the data from data base table into internal table.

4.bind the internal table data to Context node.

Any thing else you want....

still you dont understand then tell me from which table you are retrieving the data and which fields you are using.