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Regarding WAS

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Hi Experts,

What is the main difference between basis and was

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Accepted Solutions (1)

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Hi Bhargava,

WAS means- web application server.

Basis consultant role is to configure the ECC ,XI.

creation of user roles and provide the authorizations..etc

their major role is adminstration to ECC.



Answers (3)

Answers (3)

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Information about WAS

Web Application Server Frequently Asked Questions: SAP J2EE Engine 6.20

Information about BASIS

Basis system administrators monitor the load balancing and performance of the system. They are also responsible for Basis services such as starting and stopping a system.

The tasks are:

Load balancing administration

Instance administration

Performance analysis

System configuration

Basis services such as starting and stopping a system and its servers

i personally feel, understanding the System Architecture is more important for BASIS. for this you can refer any SAP Guides which are available @ Service MarketPlace.

to start as BASIS administrator, it is always better to learn step by follows.

starting & stopping of SAP instances..

1) User administration-> creation of new users, giving necessary authorizations (roles & profiles), creating new roles as & when required.

2) Transport managment-> understanding what is a change request, how to tranport a TR from 1 system to another, creation of new tranport profiles.

3) general monitoring of work processes etc..

4) importing support packs etc..

5) kernel upgrades..

6) sAp installations..

i am sure if u start learning in this direction, you will a good understanding over SAP as BASIS administrator.



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The SAP BC (Basis Components) is the root of the SAP Applications ERP software. It provides the runtime environment for the rest of the R/3 Applications. It ensures that applications are optimally integrated in the system environment. The SAP Basis Components contains powerful tools such as CCMS (Computing Center Management System) for easy system administration. It is also provides the interfaces to the distribute system components and third-pary vendors (EDI, RFC etc.).

WAS : Web Application Server , Just like any Server it provide Services to its clients.