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Regarding Template in smartforms

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Hi experts,

When i call smartforms from my driver program i am getting the following error.

" Line 1 Column 2 do no exit"  What can i do for this.

Thanks and Regards,


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Answers (2)

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Please check your own smartform. In particular line 1, column 2. Because this one doesn't exist.
Therefore pay attention of the note 307112, please:

"The error message is justified. Check the definition of the template in the form and the positioning within the template. Due to a programming error, the number of the incorrect row or column
row is unfortunately not output."

The reason of the issue is a wrong design of formulary. If such an error have place every time - it means the formulary used Template with wrongly assigned text lines: the number of actual text

elements exceed the number of available cells.

If issue have place only for specific document (or type of document) - it means - the number of text lines exceed the number of available cells but some (or all) text elements use conditions which in some cases produce correct result and in some cases not.



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have you checked if your template contains column 2 in line 1?

DO a syntax check on smartform and see if you encounter any errors?