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Regarding SOAP Adapter

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Hi All,

Can anybody explain me about the SOAP adapter as when exactly SOAP adapter is used ??

Its flow taking any sampel example .

pls reply me ASAP .

I have got a reqt to work on .

pls mail me asap .

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Have you looked at this doc

<a href="">How to set up a webservice scenario with SAP XI</a>

There are also quite a few blogs on SOAP scenarios in SDN, just search in the blog section.



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Apart from the above explination.

See the below links for more details..

SOAP Adapter

Consuming XI Web Services using Web Dynpro – Part II-/people/riyaz.sayyad/blog/2006/05/08/consuming-xi-web-services-using-web-dynpro-150-part-ii

Consuming XI Web Services using Web Dynpro – Part I -/people/riyaz.sayyad/blog/2006/05/07/consuming-xi-web-services-using-web-dynpro-150-part-i



yes it will be possible, see below links




Troubleshooting SOAP Message - XI - /people/varadharajan.krishnasamy/blog/2007/01/09/troubleshooting-soap-message--xi

Troubleshooting - RFC and SOAP scenarios-/people/shabarish.vijayakumar/blog/2008/01/08/troubleshooting--rfc-and-soap-scenarios-updated-on-20042009



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SOAP adapters are used when you need to integrate XI with Webservices.

When XI is used to invoke a Webservice, you use the Recieevr SOAP adapter,.

If you need to make some interface of XI as a Webservice then you create a WSDL in XI and then you use it to make a SOAP call to XI using the Sender SOAP adapter and a SOAP client.

Look into this guide and see if it helps,



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Hi ,

When ever XI needs to talk to a webservice you will go for SOAP adapter. If you need to enable some functionality as webservice using XI you can use SOAP Sender adapter. If you need to send request to a webservice you will go for SOAP Receiver.Depends on the requiremnet you can select the sender/reciver adapter

Check out this also


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SOAP adapters are usually used in scenarios where there is a communication to a webservice.

For example, you can look into this weblog where the flow is an RFC -> XI -> Webservice (sync call)



The SOAP adapter is used at the receiver end to communicate the webservice.