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Regarding smartform ---- TABLE node -- Footer Area?

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Hi Friends,

This is regarding smartform.

I have created TABLE node in MAIN window. As long as data exists in internal table my smartform is working fine. I mean it is displaying all the items and followed by TABLE FOOTER text.

Assume if no data exists in the internal table. In that case the TABLE FOOTER text is moving up. But I need at least 10 line space in that table MAIN Area. I mean eventhogh data is not there in the internal table.. It should display some space and then TABLE FOOTER text should be displayed.

Can any body tell me is there any way the TABLE FOOTER can fix irrespective of the data?

This is very urgent. Thanks in advance.



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Answers (2)

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You can put a program lines node befor the table node .

And in that you can code as.

If itab[] is initial.

do 10 times.

append initial lines to itab.



By doing this code your internal table will have 10 rows of empty data and you will get the space.

I hope this will work. if it dont you can get back to me .

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Create a another window and move the content from the FOTTER to that window.


Naimesh Patel