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Regarding Smart Form Layout data display issue

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Hi All,

I have declared an internal table in a smart form printprogram as below:

TYPES: BEGIN OF ty_items.


TYPES: sernr TYPE gernr.

TYPES: END OF ty_items.

DATA: wa_items TYPE ty_items.

DATA: t_items TYPE STANDARD TABLE OF ty_items.

Above you can see that <b>sernr</b> is extra field i have added.

In Layout set of SmartForm:

In Form Interface i have declared following:


In Global definitions i have declared following:


Now in my item data i am able to display all the fields except for SERNR field.

How to fetch the same.

In the same layout i need to display 3 fields at header level which will be same for all items i am not display them also, How can i display values for them!

Can anybody solve my above issues!

How can i fetch the data, what are declarations i need to make!

Please solve these issues!



Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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I see a couple of different ways that you could go about this:

1) create a DDIC structure that includes Z3MANBOXID and SERNR then use this new structure in your SF interface.

2) Have a seperate table with a key from the Items table and SERNR. As you loop through the line items in your table node READ this new table with the key and capture SERNR.

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