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Regarding Size of the iview in the work center

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I created a work center in EP 6.0 having 5 iviews as views in the work center. When i click the view name in the left side of the work center, it is showing the view in the content Area in the right side.

But the area is limited. It is showing tray size scrollable iview.

Even I changed the properties of iview.

Fixed Height

Type of Page

Max height

Min Height

It is showing "Not equal to " Icon with a message"

Property Object is defined locally but not inherited in the source object". Moreover the properties is not reflecting in the work center

Can anyone help me in this thing?

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Hi Sreekar,

Have you put the iViews onto pages first and then added the pages to the workset? That the way that I go about it.

Try this... Change the Height Type to Automatic.

Also, what kind of iViews are on the page? Are they for ESS or MSS or just custom written? Do they interact with a Team Viewer? The Isolation Method of the iViews has to be the same if they are all on the same page. Isolation Method is important if you are interacting with a Team Viewer. They must all be set to URL. The default when creating an iView from a custom par file is Embedded.

The Not Equals To icon in the iView properties just means that it is not the original setting and has been changed by some user.

So, short of the long, place your iView on a page and the page into the workset.

Does this help or maybe you can tell me what you mean by Work Center.