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Regarding setup table and initialisation

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Hello Experts ,

In Our system ,  I have activated 2LIS_11_V_SCL in R/3 side transported till Quality . Now we are planning to move to production .

However other datasources in component 11  like  2LIS_11_VAITM and 2LIS_11_VAHDR  are already in production since 5 yrs  delta is going on .

My query is , when I am filling set up table for 2LIS_11_V_SCL,  Will dataflow  (DELTA ) of datasource 2LIS_11_VAITM and 2LIS_11_VAHDR  impacted ?

Means , Do I need to delete data from data targets belongs to datasource 2LIS_11_VAITM and 2LIS_11_VAHDR ,again I will have to laod data with datasource 2LIS_11_V_SCL .

Kindly Suggest .

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At the time of filling setup table, it will not any impact to other Delta data sources for the same application Datasources. Because each data source having their own extract structures based on that the data will be fetched into BW.

2. You dont required to delete the data from Other Data targets belongs to same application Datasources.

But you need to follow the below prerequisites before filling and Initializing the delta to avoid the data inconsistency in BW.

1. whenevery you want to fill the setup table in Prodcution environment, you should take system down time, No postings should be done at the time of setup table filling. Becuase the data will fetch from Application tables to fill Setup tables.

2. Once you are sure the system is down, then run the V3 jobs for 11 application to fetch any data in SMQ1,SM13 to move into Delta Queue.

3. Deschedule the V3 job related to 11 application.

4. Fill the setup table now by using T.code OLI7BW

5 Now you can ask Basis people to remove the system from down.

6. Go to BW system and run the Init Info package without data tranfer to Initializing the delta for 2LIS_11_V_SCL.( It will fetch only 1 record at this time)

7. Then run the full repair to fetch all the data from Setup table.

8. Once the Init was run from BW side,You can findout the same Initializing data source Delta queue in RSA7

9. Then go to LBWE > APPLICATION 11 > Job Control >Schedule the Job for V3 as per your timings.

10. Once the V3 job is successfully scheduled, the data will be transfered from extraction queue /Update tables to Delta queue.

11. Then your process chain will run with delta as per schedule without any issue.

I hope it will help you

Thanks and regards.


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There will not be any impact regarding the delta setup of VAITM or VAHDR data sources.there is no need to delete the existing settings  for VAITM n VAHDR data sources.

You can delete the setup talbes and fill the setup tables for V_SCL data source.

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No need to delete the existing setup from 2lis_11_va* because now you want to setup for VASCL you just delete setup tables with application no 11 and fill setup tables with OLI7BW. but you dont do anything in LBWQ and RSA7 for other data soucres. now you can load for VASCL to BI till data target.


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deleting/filling the setup tables will have no impact on the existing delta of the other datasources of the same application.