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Regarding Purchase Order Release Strategy

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Dear SDNers,

I want to create a worfklow for PO release strategy.

For this to take events for BO, I swich on the evnet trace at swels.

After creation of PO, BUS2012 - RELEASESTEPCREATED even triggered.

For release the PO, BUS2012- RELEASESTEPCREATED,RELEASED two events were triggered.

But when I change PO, BUS2011 - CREATED_VIA_SPEC2000_MESSAGE event triggered.

No change event for BUS2012. I checked at SWEC. Radio button On change is selected for BUS2012-CHAGE event

Even though its not triggered. What might be the problem?

Thanks in advance,


Amarnath S

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Is it somehow set up so that only changes to specific important fields will generate a CHANGED event? Try changing the amount.


Rick Bakker

hanabi technology

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Dear Rick,

I have checked it by changing Quantiy and Amoutn too...even though BUS2012-Changed event not tirggered.

Thanks & regards,


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If you click on the SWEC entry for BUS2012and choose 'Field Restrictions' on the left hand side, what do you see?

If it has entries, that means that the CHANGED event is only raised if these particular fields are changed (in the specified way).


Paul Bakker

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Hello Venkat,

Did you checked SWE2 entry. If not, please check if for BUS2012 SIGNIFICANtLYCHANGED event is maintained for your WF template and is active or not.

Also check in SWE3, for event SIGNIFICANtLYCHANGED and object type BUS2012, please check if receiver type is WORKITEM.

Note - Whenevr you changed any PO there will be event related to chnaged document maintained in swec and SWE3.

Rewards will be appreciated.

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Don't ask for rewards. Rejoice instead in beng able to help someone.