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Regarding PSA real time scenarios and things

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I knew abour PSA therotically . But i want in detail real time scenarios concering about PSA . Like , if data laoding is failed then how to look at PSA and after identifying how to update to corresponding datatarget like this ......

So please tell in detail some real time scenarios about PSA and also send some documents or weblogd or old forums to now

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Hi chakri

regarding PSA theoratically, then it will not be that much difficult in practical.

coming to ur query, if data loading is failed and if it is success full upto PSA then in RSA1->psa u can select ur PSA there u can see ur request under ur application component. there on double click ur request u can see the psa data and if it is not loaded in data targets u can edit the records. depending on error message if there is any problem in data u can edit data in psa.

after editing on right click on psa u will get option for update.

Hope this helps .....



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