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Regarding Modeling Issue

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Can anyone explain "what is the funcationalities and in which scenarios following check boxs are used ? in

Master Data/Text tab of Characteristic Maintainance Screen

1)InfoSource with Direct Update

Application Component________

2)Character. is datatarget/Infoprovide


3)Characterist. is export datasource_______

pls let me know

I will assign the points

txs alto



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Accepted Solutions (1)

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hi Rizwan,

try press F1 on that checkbox ?

you will get

<b>Characteristic is an InfoSource with Direct Update</b>

This indicator or the application component specifies if the characteristic is a master data InfoSource with direct updating. You cannot set the indicator directly, but rather only by entering an application component into the respective field.

To make a characteristic a master data InfoSource, you have to assign it to an application component. The characteristic then appears in the InfoSource tree of the Adminstrator Workbench. From there, you can assign the DataSources and source systems to the characteristic. You can then load master data, texts and hierarchies for the characteristic.

These are the cases in which it is not possible to make an InfoObject a master data InfoSource:

The characteristic is a 0SOURSYSTEM (source system ID)

The characteristic has neither master data nor texts, nor hierarchies.

It is not a characteristic, but a unit or a key figure.

To generate an export DataSource for a characteristic, the characteristic must also be a master data InfoSource - meaning, it must be assigned to an application component.

<b>Characteristic is data target or InfoProvider</b>

This indicator or the InfoArea tells you if the characteristic is a data target or an InfoProvider . You cannot directly set this indicator, but rather you can only set it by entering an InfoArea into the respective field.

If you want to convert a characteristic into a data target, you have to assign it to an InfoArea. The characteristic is displayed in the Adminstrator Workbench in the data target tree, where you define update rules for the characteristic and use them to load attributes and texts.

You are able to convert a characteristic into a data target only if it has texts or attributes. At the present time, you are not able to use update rules to load hierarchies.

If the characteristic has master data and is assigned to an InfoArea, the characteristic is also an InfoProvider. This means that you are able to define queries for this characteristic (or rather for the master data of the characteristic). In this case, under the "Attributes" tab page you can select dual-level navigation attributes (meaning navigation attributes for navigation attributes for the characteristic). This is available just like the normal characteristics in the query definition.

<b>The characteristic is used as export data source</b>

If this indicator is set, it means that the attributes, texts, and hierarchies belonging to the characteristic can be extracted into other BW systems

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