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regarding how to create pmistore

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Hi all:

I'd like to create HTTP Destination pmistore , the

URL: is http://<pi_host>:<ABAP_Port>/sap/bc/spi_gate.

The following naming convention applies for <ABAP_HTTP_Port>: 80<xx>.

Would you please tell me what the default <ABAP_HTTP_Port> is ?

Thank you very much!!!

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Port in XI

Assumin your instance number is 00

ABAP Port : 8000

JAVA Port: 50000

What is to be undwerstand here is the role of your port here, if you want to acess any Xi component residing on the Java stacj you will use 50000, since SLD and rwd are on the java stack you cannot have different port to acess them.

similary for ABAP Stack 8000 is used.....

inaddition to this you will also have the trfc Port for IDOC communication port,

you can check the abap port by SMICMgotoservices......

the default <ABAP_HTTP_Port> is 8000