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Regarding HANA modeling views

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I have a doubt in SAP HANA modeling. There are 3 views in SAP HANA i.e Attribute,Analytic and Calculation view. Is there any specific reason for not introducing 4th view? I mean why it is restricted to only 3 views?



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Hi Niveda,

Most of the view capabilities are covered in these 3 views.

Attribute views - BW characteristics, Dimension or master data.

Analytic views - These are fact tables surrounded by dimensions, calculated or restricted measures. Info Cubes or Info Sets in BW.

Calculation Views - For a complex business requirement where we have combination of tables, attribute, analytic views.. We can have multiple analytic views here.. This again can be created in Graphical(Dimension, Star Join) or Scripted (Helps in using several SQL Script functions that is not available in Graphical).

We have 3 specific Engines to process these views. I don’t see a need for having a new View when this covers major part of Data Modeling.

SP10 has some features added to the existing views e.g new nodes like Ranked sets, data lineage, Spatial Data Preview, etc..


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Hi Niveda,

This is what I think:

We generally have only have master data and fact data  in our system.

Attribute View was created to work with master data.

Analytic View was created to be able to create simple Star Schema in which one fact table can be connected to multiple master data and will be suitable for many scenarios.

Calculation View can handle all the complex logic in which you might need to combine multiple master data tables with multiple fact tables.

So, I guess they didn't go with any other view as Calculation View would be able to solve most of your queries.

In addition to views, you always have option to use SQL.

As you might know SAP provides pre-delivered content in SAP HANA  called HANA Live and all that content is based on only one type of View i.e. Calculation View.

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