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Regarding Error: Unable to Convert Sender System to ALE Logical System

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Hi friends,

in File to IDoc scenario, i created a sender business system called bs_filetoidoc_send based on Standalone technical system and a receiver business system based on ABAP r/3 system. in my SAP IDES system which is dual stack (abap+java), XI client is 001 (LS: devclnt001) and r/3 client is 800 (LS: t90clnt090) i.e i'm posting idoc to t90clnt090.

I tried to send a text file. but while processing xml message in XI, i got an error saying "Unable to Convert Sender System to ALE Logical System".

then i searched the blogs and forum and found the solution. it was saying LS name was not assigned to BS bs_filetoidoc_send. so i went to SLD and tried to assign LS devclnt001 to my sender BS bs_filetoidoc_send, but got an error saying that "A business system with LS devclnt001 already exists". when i checked which is that BS, it is supposed to be the INTEGRATION SERVER itself with BS name INTEGRATION_SERVER_DEV.

then i configured my sender BS as INTEGRATION_SERVER_DEV itself which picked up the text file successfully and also receiver abap server received the IDOC with correct data and format with status 51. so scenario worked fine when i used my sender BS as INTEGRATION SERVER itself.

please clear my following doubts which arose after this scenario.

1) why the scenario didn't work when I used only standalone sender business system?

2) why should we assign a LS name of XI server to sender business system only in this scenario?

scenario worked according to my requirement, but using integration server itself as a sender BS confused though.

Many Thanks.

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Follow the procedure to exccute the interface without errors.

1) you can use Business system or Business service for sender file adapter in configuration

If Business service, then double click on the business service...goto-services-adapter specific identifiers(edit mode)

Now add the logical system name in logical system field.

2) Now goto ECC, create a logical system in BD54 by the same business service logical system name.

3) Now create a partner profile in WE20 in ECC by the same logical system name and add the inbound message type parameters.

Now do the end to end testing ...idocs will be sucessfully posted.