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Regarding Deletion of DELTA request

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Hi ,

I'm one doubt regarding Delta request .

When we are deleting delta request we would change the QM status into red , than only we can able to get repeat option . My Doubt is why we are changing status for delta upload only , we are not changing for full upload .

what happens exactly in back ground for delta upload .

Please clarify if any body know this .

Thanx in advance.


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Answers (2)

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Hi Anil,

<i>Full Upload Request</i> does not concern any DELTAs whatsoever. Just populate the SETUP Tables in R/3, give parameters (if any) and load, thats it. Thats why you dont need to switch previous request to RED because a FULL Request does not care on the status of the last update.

<b>DELTA Update Request</b> is different. The system needs to know if the last DELTA extraction was a failure or success. It needs this info so that the system will know if it will request for a new fresh batch of updates (<b>DELTAS/Changes</b>) or <b>RESEND</b> <i>previous batch</i> of updates (<b>DELTAS/CHANGES</b>) in case the previous DELTA Update is a <b>failure</b>...

Hope I have helped. If i did, please grant points...


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we don't need to set the request to red when you're loading full requests since, unlike in delta request mode, there are no 'extra' settings to change (internally) with full requests. what parameters you give it will be used as the criteria for filtering what will be transferred.

in the case of delta requests, the delta pointer only moves once the QM status of the request turns green. by turning it red, you are able to get the last delta that should have been transferred.

since you're new here, i would like to tell you that, whenever anyone helps you, you could reward that person by assigning points to him (look under the name of the person replying).

that being said, i hope i helped you. 😃