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Regarding amount discription field

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Hi Experts,

I created sap script for payment print prog and for that i use standard prog RFFOUS_C. in my sap script amount fied REGUP-DMBTR.... i use for sap script total three tables REGUP, REGUD, REGUH

<b>my form design is</b>

amount discription amount

xyz 1000

amount is words

one thousnad only

Now what i want i have amount field REGUP-DMBTR but for amount discription which field i use??? i find but i didn`t get......

so how can i find amout discription(particulars) field

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Try to access SPELL structure which has the amount in the text. RFFOUS_C has used the SPELL_AMOUNT and it comes in the SPELL strcuture.

Try to acces

SPELL-WORD for Amont

SPELL-DECWORD for decimal description


Naimesh Patel

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Hi Naimesh and Anij,

I dont want to amt in words function...... i want <b>amt discription</b> field like

<b>amt discription</b> amt

so which table i use for amt discription field in my sap script.. i create my own sap script for payment print prog and i use standard prog "RFFOUS_C" for that same.


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Hi Jigar,

Is SGTXT useful for you?



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There is no field in those tables which will give you a description of the amount. So you have to declare a field.

data : amount(40) type c.

then use the function module as suggested above and pass it into amount.



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Hi Bharat