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REG : Selective Deletion

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Hi Guru's

I have an issue with selective deletion and iam sure you people can solve it.My issue is as follows :

I have a Infocube which holds data regarding Forecast.It is loaded and compressed daily by process chains.After loading there is a step to selectively delete data which is two days old due to business needs.This selective deletion runs daily in the process chains.Daily 7 Million records are deleted and its taking nearly 7 hours to complete this step which is causing problem in accessing reports by the users as it is locking the Infocube.Now my question is how can i improve the performance of this selective deletion and which area i need to trace where the deletion is taking more time.

UR swift replies are appreciated as usual.

Thanks and Regards


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Answers (2)

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The deletion of indexes process should be there in ur processs chain before the deletion of data in infocube which increases thge performance.

Steps for Process Chains in BI 7.0 for a Cube.

1. Start

2. Execute Infopackage

3. Delete Indexes for Cube

4.Execute DTP

5. Create Indexes for Cube

This will inc the perfor if u create th chain as above

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When doing the selective deletion, make sure you delete indexes first and also you delete indexes of the aggregates if there is any.