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Reg Repeat delta management

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Hi Guys,

Plz correct me if I am wrong.

Repeat delta is done when a delta load fails.

Even new records are extracted along with the original Delta request when we do a repeat delta. Adding of new records into the delta queue depends on the V3 update setting.

So if I want to do Repeat delta extraction with out any new records been addded into the request, can I stop V3 update so that no new/chnage records gets updated into Delta queue??

Plz assist me.


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Answers (2)

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see if SAP Note 873694 could help you, pasting the text here -


Each time a delta load is terminated, you have to decide whether you need to carry out a new delta or a repeat and how you have to proceed in each individual case.

If you always ask for a repeat request if the last load request in the monitor is red, this may lead to duplicate data in the data target, depending on where (in which processing step in the extractor) the last red delta request terminated.

This note describes when you should carry out a repeat of the last delta and what you have to take into account if a delta update terminates between BW InfoProviders (ODS, InfoCube).

Other terms

Delta, repeat, status, traffic light, request status, QM status, monitor

Reason and Prerequisites



If the scheduler is to create a delta request, the scheduler checks first whether there is at least one active init request and then whether there is still a delta run that has not yet been completed. If the system displays a message telling you that the last delta run has not yet been completed, it ONLY checks the monitor log of the last delta or repeat request for this DataSource source system combination.

The system checks whether the extractor has already sent at least one message, which can be a data package or an IDoc with RQSTATE = 2.

If this is NOT the case, the system does not create a new delta repeat request and the scheduler issues a message telling you that the last delta has not yet been completed.

If this happens, check whether the extractor is really still running and has just not yet sent a message to the monitor.

If this is NOT the case, you must check IN THE SOURCE SYSTEM whether, for your DataSource/target system combination, the same request is entered in the DELTARNR field in the roosprmsc table that is displayed as the last request in the monitor in the BW system (that is, the request for which the extractor has not yet sent a message ).

If this is the case, set this request to RED using a QM action IN THE MONITOR.

After you have done this, the InfoPackage creates a repeat.

If this is not the case, the source system and therefore also the extractor, have not yet received any information regarding the last delta and you must set the request to GREEN in the monitor using a QM action.

The system then requests a delta again since the last delta request has not yet occurred for the extractor.

Afterwards, you must reset the old request that you previously set to GREEN to RED since it was incorrect and it would otherwise be requested as a data target by an ODS.

Caution: If the termianted request was a REPEAT request itself, always set this to RED so that the system tries to carry out a repeat again.

To determine whether a delta or a repeat are to be requested, the system ONLY uses the status of the monitor.

It is irrelevant whether the request is updated in a data target somewhere.

When activating requests in an ODS, the system checks delta repeat requests for completeness and the correct sequence.

Each green delta/repeat request in the monitor that came from the same DataSource/source system combination must be updated in the ODS before activation, which means that in this case, you must set them back to RED in the monitor using a QM action when using the solution described above.

If the source of the data is a DataMart, it is not just the DELTARNR field that is relevant (in the roosprmsc table in the system in which the source DataMart is, which is usually your BW system since it is a Myself extraction in this case), rather the status of the request tabstrip control is relevant as well.

Therefore, after the last delta request has terminated, go to the administration of your data source and check whether the DataMart indicator is set for the request that you wanted to update last.

If this is NOT the case, you must NOT request a repeat since the system would also retransfer the data of the last delta but one.

This means, you must NOT start a delta InfoPackage which then would request a repeat because the monitor is still RED. For information about how to correct this problem, refer to the following section.

For more information about this, see also Note 873401.

Proceed as follows:

Delete the rest of this request from ALL updated data targets, set the terminated request to GREEN IN THE MONITOR and request a new DELTA.

Only if the DataMart indicator is set does the system carry out a repeat correctly and transfers only this data again.

This means, that only in this case can you leave the monitor status as it is and restart the delta InfoPackage. Then this creates a repeat request.

In addition, you can generally also reset the DATAMART indicator and then work using a delta request after you have set the incorrect request to GREEN in the monitor.

Simply start the delta InfoPackage after you have reset the DATAMART indicator AND after you have set the last request that was terminated to GREEN in the monitor.

After the delta request has been carried out successfully, remember to reset the old incorrect request to RED since otherwise the problems mentioned above will occur when you activate the data in a target ODS.



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Plz assist me