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Reg Pop up in adobe form

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hi , Iam raising an error message using"error message");

when i get the error message pop has title..WARNING :JAVASCRIPT WINDOW.

But I want to remove this title....

So any idea ...hiow to remove this?

or any other procedure to raise POPUP with our own title



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Answers (3)

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hi arjun,

Did u fix the issue,

I am facing the same. If u fixed the issue,kindly share with me...



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Hi Arjun,

You can use the following JavaScript to get UserDefined Title or password protect popup box (i.e. popup box input field becomes password field) for the Pop-Up Box.

Response Box i.e app.response Method

It takes the following Input Arguments:

1. Argument : Description

2. cQuestion : Main Response Box text

3. cTitle : Window Title of Response Box

4. cDefault : Initial value of input text box, also value returned if no changes are made

5. bPassword : Causes text entered into input box to be obscured by asterisks (*)

6. cLabel : Short text string placed in front of input box

Sample Code:

var cRtn = app.response ();

NOTE: In the sample code if you donot add the cLabel then the input of the popup box is simple text and it will not become password field.

Please review the Acrobat site:


Pradeep Goli

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Hi Arjun,

You can use parameters with messagebox as listed below:

FormCalc syntax

$host.messageBox( STRING param1 [, STRING param2 [, INTEGER param3 [, INTEGER param4 ] ] ] ) 


param1 - A valid string representing the message to display.

*param2 (Optional) - A valid string representing the title to appear in the title bar of the dialog window. *

param3 (Optional)

An integer representing the icon to display in the dialog box.

0 (Error) - This is the default.

1 (Warning)

2 (Question)

3 (Status)

param4 (Optional)

An integer representing the buttons to display.

0 (OK) - This is the default.

1 (OK, Cancel)

2 (Yes, No)

3 (Yes, No, Cancel)