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Reg MCOD Installation of EP & XI/PI on a single machine

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I am looking for MCOD installation of EP(Only java stack) & XI/PI

(ABAP+JAVA stack). Do let e know if this is possible or there are any constaints for the same.

Supporting document links are highly appreciated.


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Accepted Solutions (1)

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This is possible as long as the DB/OS combination is supported for the releases of EP and PI/XI. You can find this information in the SAP NetWeaver master guides (

There is also an quick link in the SAP Service Marketplace covering MCOD although it is primarily focus on the initial rollout of MCOD. (



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Thanks Michael,

I had already gone thru them,

In Inst Guide (ABAP +JAVA for AIX) page 137,

<b>Installation of MCOD</b>

<i>This section does not apply to the installation of a Java Add-In to an existing ABAP system.</i>

This is where i became curious & posted the query on SDN... :-). Wanted to know if there any any issues with EP(only Java) & XI/PI (ABAP + Java) would be of some concern..

Anyways thanks for ur prompt response..

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Hi DJ,

There is a technical difference between a Java add-in and MCOD. Although both installations create separate schemas in the database, an add-in installation is a single SID and a MCOD installation creates separate SIDs.

That is what the statement at the beginning of the "Installation of MCOD" section is referring to.

That being said, it is possible to install a PI system (ABAP+Java, two DB schemas) in one SID, and EP (Java only, 3rd DB schema) as a separate SID in a MCOD setup. The restriction of DB/OS combinations that Mike mentioned still applies.

Best Regards,


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