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reg : Mail step

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I have a user decision with approve reject outcomes.

and this user decision step is sent to 3 different users (USERID1, USERID2, USERID3) with help of RULE.

when user 1 clicks approve .......a mail is sent him(to his userid USERID1) saying that he clciked approve outcome.


when user 2 approves .......a mail is sent to his userid only(to his userid USERID2) ,

when user 3 approves .......a mail is sent to his userid only (to his userid USERID3) .

how to acheive this?????

i kept a mail step after user decision step????

bue i need to asssign the receiver i selected the EXPRESSION and select the container variable &AGENT&.

But this is not working .

Can anyone help me??


arjun .

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Hi Arjun,

Two possible solution for this :

1) pass the agent from ruleresult to workflow container and use it in expression.

2)Use the workitem container <Executed by user> and move it to a workflow container and use it in the mail step by giving it under option expression.



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hi siva,

That was really gr8 answer from u.

ur magic really worked out in a sec .

thx very much .



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