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Reg: Contexting

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Hi Friends....

There is a report with 6 contexts....

I have one question....::::

If we refresh a report I am gettign the selection of 6 contexts..

after selecting... Context 1 .. I am able to see the SQL

If I Select the Context 3 or any....

I am able to see the SQL for this...

But to my confusion... I am able to see botht the SQL are Same...

How could it be possible...?

Please let me know whether any changes will be there in SQL if we apply contexting in reporting......?


L K Vepuri

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Hi Mr. Vepuri,

Yes there will be a change in the sql if we select the different context while refreshing the report.

As you are saying that when you select Context 1 and Context 3 you are getting the same Sql, when we create a report drag the object on result object pane which are comming from different context and run the report, first time only it would ask us for selection of the context, if we choose that context and save the report it will not ask for any context selection in future unless and untill we click on Reset Context in the Edit query<<Properties.

We can only see the changes in the join condition.

I would suggest you please check the each context at universe level and select each context one by one and see which join conditions are involved in the each context.

Also check the context 1 and context 3 and check the objects which you are pulling on the report are comming from which table and how they are connected then automatically you will get answer to your questions.

Hope it helps.



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