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Refreshing screen 2nd time after loading the data sources

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Hello Experts,

I created a Design Studio dashboard with 3 data sources (3 BEX Queries) and 3 components namely One Chart and two crosstab components.

To improve performance, I am loading DS_2 and DS_3 with script on doBackgroundProcessing() and calling this method On Startup of application.

I followed below scn link

Performance is improved little bit. When I run the dashboard, Chart will be displayed first, again after 4 secs the same chart gets refreshed automatically. The reason is by that time, DS_2 and DS_3 are loaded through doBackgroundProcessing().

Is there any way to avoid refreshing the first screen again(Chart component) once DS_2 and DS_3 are loaded? Chart component uses only DS_1.

I have searched for this information in SCN but I did not get any information on it.



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i have steen this issue to start in my applications after upgrading from DS 1.4 to DS 1.5. Now we are in 1.6 where this behavior not occurs anymore.

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Hi Gerben,

What is the exact version of Design Studio 1.6 that you are using? Are you on SP0 or on one of the later service packs?