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Refresh workbooks on open without dialog (and remote variable maintenance)

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Hi all ,

Hi Marc ( I am posting this question here as you aked me for)

I have one important question concerning BEx7 API.

Here at current custmer I look for a way to populate the Filter (Variables) values

our users maintained in the variable Dialog and saved with workbooks.

Our problem is that we like to set the stored variable values to a specific

value for all workbooks.

In BEx 3 I could populate the variables in hidden sheets of Bex 3.

In BEx 7 I found out that the variable values are stored with the

BExRepositorySheet in XML string.

The problem we have here in Germany at Banking services is:

The Script editor to review the hidden information in the Repository sheet will notbe


Another problem, with Excel 2007 the script functionality is completely

gone and when storing workbooks locally (PC Client) the system also will warn endusers

that script will not be stored in Excel files (Excel2007).

Do you have any idea how I can save a specific value for a variable in the

new BEx7 without using the dialog boxes.

I am looking for a VBA way to populate or exchange the stored values

because we have to exchange some specific values

We have several hundred workbooks and I like to save the value in an

automated way to prepopulate variables in workbooks.

If you have a hint or whatever feature or if you can forward me to some

colleague who might have the information would be great.


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Can Broadcasting to KM Folders or email be an option ?

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Unfortunately not,

We have a bunch of User defined workbooks.

Users have populated the values for variables.

Due to key changes in masterdata we need to replace old entries in repository sheet ( i.E. Value ='A')

with the new expression ( Value ='X')

For sepecific branches we need to remotely populate some of the variables with specific values.

So Users will open the workbook in the usual way (auto refresh is active) but the stored variable values should present the desired result.

We like to make sure all workbooks are in sync with the Change request parameters