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Refresh QAS Environment with Production Data

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We need to refresh QAS environment with Production data.

Can we export schema SAPPR3 (Production) and import these object in schema SAPQR3 (Quality) through Oracle tool (exp/imp)?

Our idea is:

In Production Server:

1-) Stopsap;

2-) startdb;

3-) exp file=sappr3.dmp log=sappr3.log owner=sappr3 compress=y;

4-) after finish exp, startr3;

5-) sftp sappr3.dmp from Production server to Quality server;

Quality Server:

6-) stopsap;

7-) startdb;

8-) drop user sapqr3 cascade;

9-) create user sapqr3;

10-) imp file=sappr3.dmp fromuser=sappr3 touser=sapqr3;

11-) adjust hostname and/or instace name;

12-) other adjustments.

13-) startr3;


Are these procedures correct ?

Does we need to adjust hostname and/or instance name into the database? How ?

Are there others adjustments for to do in this case ? How ?

Are there another way for "refresh" QAS (Quality) environment with Production data ?

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Thanks for answers,

Our principal problem is the time that PRD environment will be stopped.

Yesterday I did the exp (but with the PRD environment in production, just to know how

many time it will take) and this procedure took 4 hours because it exports just data.

If I do the System Copy with sapinst, this procedure will take its time around 20 hours.

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Sounds like you'll need a weekend... hehehe

You can do a system copy using a offline backup of the production database.



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You can also use an online backup if your production system is 7/7 24/24.



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Hi Dany

I never did a system copy with exp/imp, maybe somebody else did with a SAP system. Obviously you have an oracle db, but you didn't mention platform, release and size of the db. Anyway the sapsr3 schema is huge, it certainly has 40000+ tables. I guess this procedure will take its time, which means downtime for your prod system (data consistency).

There are two officially supported ways to refresh a QAS system, exp/imp is not among them:

- copy with backup / restore, advantages: no downtime, fast and simple

- copy with sapinst (R3load), advantages: full db reorg, SID/schema rename possible, even possible to a different platform or database

More infos at

Best regards, Michael

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Hi Dany,

The procedure is explained in detail in the System Copy Guide for 6.40 which is available for download at the SAP Service Marketplace at It contains procedures for all databases supported by SAP.