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Refresh only the iview instead of the hole page

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Hi @ all,

i have to develop an iview that read information form a file and display the content.

The file is updated by a ohter applikation. The user have to see always the actuell content of the file.

How can I implement an iview that displays always the actuell content. Is there a possiblity to controll the iview refresh by a server event throuch the jspdyn-page? There I can look if the file was updated and than read the content. After this i have to force the iview refresh but i don´t know how to do this.

The other possiblity is, that the iview refreshs itself in a defined intervall. But i do not prefer this solution.

In this case, how would the source-code (a pice of it) look like if i need in an iview that refreshs only the itself and not the hole page.

Thank´s for your replys.

Best regards


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this is not possible with html.

With the upcoming Webdynpro we will have more capabilities using javascript.