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Refresh DEV system from PROD system - System Copy

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Dear Friends,

We would like to refresh our DEV system from PRD system.

In fact, our DEV system becomes a Sandbox (a lot of transport requests are not released, local objects are created and system is unstable...)

Recently, developers started developing directly in PROD system !!!

DEV, QAS & PRD systems are not aligned anymore.

My question, do we still have to follow instructions describes in note 130906? I mean "Export/Import the version database"? Is there any sense?

My second question is related to this sentence:

The version history of changed SAP objects in particular, and customer objects is important for future SAP upgrades.

What is the impact on an Upgrade? (we are going to upgrade our landscape)

Is there an impact only on the standard objects or also on Z-objects? Latest object version is not enough?

Many thanks for your help.



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Accepted Solutions (1)

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Hello Zobair,

Thanks for starting this as a new thread. It probably also would be better suited for the space, but I'm not going to quibble about that.

So, to be clear, this isn't a "how-to" question, but a "best practices" question, seeking advice. So, you'll likely get a number of answers saying "here's how you do it," but that isn't what you're asking. More usefully, you'll likely get a number of opinions about why you should or shouldn't do it, and so forth, and those will be more useful, and you'll have to sift through it to see what's relevant for you.

Generally speaking, the usual answer to this is "no, you shouldn't do it, because you need your version history, etc etc." But in your case, it seems you're saying that your version history is essentially useless now, due to past bad practices by developers, configurators, and so forth. If that's the case, then there probably isn't much point in worrying about exporting and reimporting your version history.

For modified SAP objects, the version history helps you determine, during an upgrade or support pack application, what exactly you modified and how it conflicts with changes delivered by SAP in the upgrade. That can be important to determine whether you want to keep your modification, or reset to standard, or reintegrate your modification into the new version of the object. Without the version history, you'll still be able to see the differences between your current (modified) object and the newly-delivered version, but reintegration of modifications may be more difficult and time-consuming.

You'll probably want to carefully evaluate resetting to standard where possible for these objects, but there is no one-size-fits-all answer.

For custom (Z) objects, this is not so much about upgrades and support packs, but just understanding the history of that object. If you are confident that you aren't going to want to revert to a prior version of the object, and your auditors aren't going to hammer you for an audit trail, then you're probably ok "flattening" the version history of these objects to the latest in-use version from production.

So, as long as management, plus all your developers, understand what is going to be lost when you flatten DEV by overwriting it from PRD, then you can probably proceed. Afterwards, now that you'll be at a new "square one" to start from, make sure you implement better practices -- ensure that only Basis can delete unreleased transport requests, for instance, and enforce standards around development and customizing and release and transport management. Ensure only Basis can import transports to QAS and PRD. Ensure that QAS and PRD are locked down against changes, so everything must come from DEV via transports. Take away developer access in PRD.

And refresh QAS from PRD at the same time, so now all three systems are in sync.

And never let this situation happen again.



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Hi Matt,

Thank you for this very clear answer

We will do the refresh and try to put in place processes to control developments.

Best regards,

Zobair 🙂

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Dear Zobair,

Have to done refresh DEV system from PROD system successfully? if yes the please share your result. We are also planning to attempt the same. I would appreciate your kind reply in this regards,

Best Regards,


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