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Referencing BOR objects (BUS2034) in ABAP OO classes - Workflow not triggering from VA41

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Hi Experts,

My business requirement is to trigger workflow on Contract Create/Change( VA41/VA42 ).

I followed , jocelyn.dart directions and it perfectly suits my requirement.

I am able to reference the class & see all the methods & Events.

But am stuck in one place.

I have built the custom workflow & linked CREATE & CHANGE events in the workflow.

The same is also visible in the SWE2.

However, the workflow is not getting triggered to the inbox when VA41/VA42 is run.

The work item is triggered to the SAP inbox when ran from SWUS.

The SWELS is activated. The entry is found only when ran from the SWUS but not from VA41/VA42.

Cross checked the SM58, SWUE, SWU0 etc but not getting a clue.

Expert advice would be appreciated.

Attaching the screenshots.

Custom Workflow:






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