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Reference data, Fox formulas and Multi-areas

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Dear experts,

I've created a planning application on a multi-area. Within this application I've written a Fox formula which needs to work on the combined data of the two underlying basic areas. I found out, however, that BPS won't go into the Fox once with the complete dataset, but a number of times with small chunks of the dataset instead, which makes my Fox useless.

How can I force BPS to first get the complete dataset and then run the Fox?

Kind regards,

Sascha Zevenhuizen.

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Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Hi Sascha,

BPS will build the datasets based on the transaction data and the "fields to be changed" settings of the planning function. Any fields that are NOT "fields to be changed" are used for grouping the data. So if you want all data at once, all fields need to be in "fields to be changed".



SAP NetWeaver RIG

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Thanks Marc,

This solved my problem. It is very unconvenient though that I have to write out all 107 characteristics in my Fox coding while in essence I only require 3.



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