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Ref (table) parameter RFM .net Connector 2.0

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Hi to all, I am using .net connector 2.0 in a web application, I have create a RFM that have a export parameter and a table parameter, in Sap I execute the function a return values in the export parameter and in the table but .net the export parameter return value but the table is empty.

Have I to customize something in the proxy object for get values in ref parameters?

I have no problems with the import and export parameter but I can not get the table values and I am sure that in Sap have values.

Thanks in advance.

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Tables are allways passed "ref" to be compliant with the underlying MS Soap stack. Additionally we have the convention that the table object passed in is used and filled by the call. Passing in a variable containing NULL means "I'm not interested in this parameter".

So in short: Create and fresh instance of the table and pass it:

BRFCKNA1Table tab = new BRFCKNA1Table();

proxy.Methdod(..., ref tab);

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