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Redwood Script for Raising Event for High Frequency Jobs

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Hello Experts,

This is in context with raising an event when the high frequency job fails 3 times consecutively in the last 24 hours. Kindly check and provide if there is any redwood script available for the same.

Thanks in Advance!

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If you have the alerting module, also known as the active monitoring module, then you could easily specify a match for the process, in the alert action, you would check if there are more than two processes with status Error in the last 24 hours - if so, raise event.

Without the active monitoring module you would use a trigger that fires for processes from the definition in question reaching status Error; you check if there are two more processes in the last 24h from that process definition that failed and if so raise the event.

To get you started, look at:
Trigger example:
Query example:

You would want something like this:

//Match the process to be used

if (JobDefintion of process matches the one I want)
  String query = "SELECT COUNT(*) FROM Job WHERE"
  + "Job.RequestedStartTimeInternal > now('subtract 24 hours') "  
  + "and Job.JobDefinition in "  
  + "(select JobDefinition.UniqueId from JobDefinition "
  + "where JobDefinition.MasterJobDefinition = ?) ";  

  LongCallBack callback = new LongCallBack(1);  
    jcsSession.executeQuery(query, new Long[]  
    {  jcsJob.getJobDefinition().getMasterJobDefinition().getUniqueId()  }
     , callback);
  catch (Exception e)
  {  throw new RuntimeException(e);  }
  Long myCount = (Long) callback.getResult().get(0);
  if (myCount != null)  {  jcsOut.println(myCount);  }



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Thanks HP for guiding.